Diggers. Exterior & goings-on

         Novosibirsk diggers are neither a club nor official organization. Despite specific name they are not related to leveller's left wing, that existed in times of English bourgeois revolution of XVII century. In contrast to "classical" diggers, Novosibirsk ones do not crawl along stinking city underground communications. Spade is a rear tool in their hands. Novosibirsk diggers are nobody else but several persons who like to spend their money and time (in fact the same money) descending underground following crazy drops of water, wich have gnawed the passages through the thikness of limestone.
         One may ask why did they call themselves with this hackneyed foreign word. Let's listen to diggerizm father:

         The name "Novosibirsk Diggers" turned up in the following way (Matthew 1.1). Father Yu.B. Schwartz, being in the state of light alcoholic intoxication walked away from the fraternal fire nearby the Tutkushskaya cave. And the angel emerged and told: "you'll be novosibirsk diggers". However, (here the narrator used an untranslatable pun - translator's note) he returned and imparted this news to diggers co-fathers. And that's the story. Who would dare to argue against Matthew?

         The birth of diggerizm in Siberia dates by August 1995. At that time "fathers" of the named action - originated from speleoclub "Kaskad" (Cascade) - had descended in Tutkushskaya cave in Altay region. The traditions of diggerism were at once formed: the cave was vizited only partly. The next year fathers of diggerism returned to Tutkushskaya. They returned not alone but with digger-sons. Since that time the team was changing, the grandsons of diggerism had appeared. However all these fathers, sons, gransons and great-grandsons are listed below in the golden annals of diggerizm.
         Interesting is the way diggers reproduce new ones. It was once decided to consider a trip to be The Diggers Trip if one was organized by diggers and at least two diggers had taken part in it. Anyone survived such a trip becomes a digger. That was the rule for the long time. But once, being afraid of demographic explosion, in 2003 old Fathers of diggerizm sitting together in the mud of Altayskaya cave decided that to become a digger one must survive thrice in a Diggers Trips. Sceptics assumed that no more such a person live on the Planet, but Nov.2003, in the Swiss Alps depth new-fashioned diggers appeared. Thus that means probably that the ideas of diggerizm are immortal!

golden annals of diggerizm
An Ul'yana Andreeva Anna Antropov Igor
Arseny Belyakin Stepan Bratteler Martin
Chizhov Andrey Deruga Aleksandr Fadeev Evgeny
Govor Ekaterina Grudiev Aleksey Ivanchenko Valery
Kahn Natalia Kahn Tatyana Korotaeva Irina
Kovalevsky Artem Kraev Dmitry Lechner Moritz
Lieberman Samuel Migulin Sergey Muller Rony
Petuhov Aleksey Pilugin Maksim Platova Maria
Rozanov Aleksey Savitsky Mikhail Schwartz Yury
Schwartz Olga Shipitsin Mihail Shloma Victor
Shubin Pavel Shvarts Elena Shwartz Dmitry
Shwartz Timofey Stoletov Konstantin Taushkanov Evgeny
Tkachenko Bazhena Tkachenko Sergey Valinurov Timur
Vatnik Ilya Zemlyansky Ilya who's next?