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       "13Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. " (Matthew, 7; 13-14)

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what's new in the english version:


Diggers' trip Kanin '2014 occured in the heart of Julian Alps. Some photographs are available. The team consists of: Yury Schwartz, Tatiana Kahn, Olya Schwartz, Sasha Schwartz, Maxim Pilugin.

  kanin '2014

English version finaly updated (:


At the beginning of March the Kek-Tash '2014 trip was organized. Diggers not only had a chill-out at the cave camp, but also visited all the grottos of the deepest cave of Siberia (-350 m) and even managed to survey the system beyond the third sump. The batch of photos is here.

  kek-tash '2014

Forthwith the description of Kek-Tash is updated, all the schemes ever been found are now compiled here, including new-made survey of the system beyond the third sump.


Pavel Shubin with great encouragement from responsible persons has recalled the story of Kuldyukskaya '2012. The marvellous ice cave is worth looking at, at least at these nice photos from the trip.

  kuldukskaya '2012

Diggers decided to return to origin of Diggerizm this January, and visit Tutkush cave. Veterans almost gave up making a report for younger colleagues. Here results (in Russian) and photoes are.

  tutkushskaya '2014

Timur Valinurov keeps on struggling with clayed heaps of history. The battle has brought the fresh win – now the photoes from three-year-old trip to Soantekhnicheskaya '2011 are available.


January brought back vivacity to old fighters of Diggerism, having visited the British cave Ease Gill '2013 in North Yorkshire (see photoes).

  ease gill '2013

Three of Novosibirsk Diggers (Yury Schwartz, Aleksandr Deryuga, Dmitry Kraev) have participated in international expedition to J2, Mexico, this spring.


A surveyof thesmall cave Kupol (Cupola), recently explored by Velikan somewhere around Tuzuksy cave in Kuznetsk Alatau, is uploaded.


Few Russian words and a lot of interlanguage photoes of January visit to the beloved Altayskaya cave are now available. The visit comprised excursions through the cave for some cavers and ascending of pitches for others. Ascent to 35 m of a wall in Old River system hadn't yield in new passes. Though a small pitch at the very end of the wall remains virgin, so new attempts will follow.

  altayka '2013

Finally the story and photoes for 2012 trip to Soantekhnicheskaya cave appear.


Recent trip to Soantekhnicheskaya cave has successfully ended. Diggers managed to squeeze a generator through all passages intending to dramatically enlarge the final squeeze at −195 m. Also some promising pits were ascended, though with no results. The report and photos are to be published.

  kat-shu '2009

To fill out blank places in the Novosibirsk digging history, the story of expedition Kat-Shu '2009 is now told.


The survey of the Zhiolty bantik (Yellow Bow) cave is updated for it's become considerably bigger owing to powerful hummer drill of even more powerful Velikan and Co. from Novokuznetsk.


Results of local Sugary '2010 and international Sugary '2011 expeditions to the Kadrin karst massif are now summarized in a short manuscript "Cave Search at the Kadrin karst massif" (.pdf, 1.4 Mb, in Russian).


There was anunfeasible Russian government project called "Repay debts and sleep peacefully". Just in pursuit of sleeping calm, some old duties have now been cleared off.
     Niobo '2010 (+ photo) – Winter search of blowing entrances at Niobo plateau, Altay mountains. Two pits with draughts were found.
     Niobo '2009 (+ photo) – The first attendance to the mentioned plateau.
     Peschanka '2009 (+ photo) – Kids and others exploring the karst at Peschannaya river and beyond.

  niobo '2010

Some photos on the speedy fastest-evertrip to the small but pretty tight cave Egorievskaya '2010 have been uploaded.

  egorievskaya '2010

The large photoalbum is prepared from August diggers' trip Sugary '2010. All of us are sure that this reconnaissance expedition was only the beginning of very perspective karst massif exploration.

  sugary '2010
     ♦Photoes from Soantehnicheskaya '2010 and Altayskaya '2010 trips are processed and added to the gallery.

  soantehnicheskaya '2010

New instrument for remote communications is now available for diggers: the mailing list. To be included one should contact site administrator.


The schemes of several small Altay caves are prepared: Tugurukskaya (45m/−40m), Belaya (90m/−35m), Mekrabaevskaya (70m/−30m), Pesch-4 (92m/−13m), Bolshaya Dalnyaya, Nebo, B.Sibiryachikhinskaya, Sibiryachikhinskaya-3, Tagaltay.

  belaya cave

The short proposal is prepared for summer expedition Sumulta-2010. This expedition is aimed to begin the exploration of very perspective but hardly accessible kars massif situated in the riverheads of Kadrin and Sumulta (Central Altay).


Photoes of trips J2 '2009 (Mexico), Kat-Shu '2009 (Eastern Altay), Tuguruk '2009 (Central Altay) are available in the gallery.

  J2 '2009

During the dates of 13.03-21.03.2009 traditional diggers' expedition Altayskaya '2009 was held. The major efforts were concentrated on pushing through the upper sump in Veselukha system. Unfortunately the sump was not passed through. The expedition photoes are available in the album.

  altayskaya '2009

In the last April two diggers moved towards Mexico to take part in the international expedition to the cave with poetic name J2 (−1210 m). Here they are: Sergey Tkachenko Yury Schwartz.


Diggers celebrate 50-th trip during May expedition Kuldukskaya '2008.

  kuldukskaya '2008

The forum is now available for discussions of any speleo-topics! Thanks to Pasha Shubin.


Schemes for several caves of Altay (Kuldukskaya, Rozena, Tulatinskaya, Karakokshinskaya) are available online now.


The Tehnologicheskaya cave (Northern Altay) during several expeditions was finally pushed down to −120 m by cavers of Biysk, Barnaul, Tomsk, Novokuznetsk and Novosibirsk.


More than a year passed without updates of the english version. But it does not mean that diggers hibernate. During this period a series of trips occured: Kokuya dances '2006, Tavda suffers '2006, Germany Valley '2007, Altayskaya '2007, Kat-Shu '2007, Oroktoy '2007, Techno '2007, Techno again '2007. One can see plenty of photographs in the album section.

  Altayskaya '2007

Some of this trips gave the discoveries. Thus, in the cave Bol'shaya Medveditsa (Eastern Altai) two new passages were opened with help of a club hammer. In Altayskaya cave (Northen Altai) the extension was found after 15m ascent in the Dragon grotto: the longest cave of Altai became 200m longer. In the Kat-Shu cave (Eastern Altai) three galleries were discovered, that lengthen the cave up to 915m of total length. The survey of all new parts was made and schemes available in the caves section.

  Ternii system

Month ago the historic trip occured, Kat-Shu'2006, when the new cave Kat-Shu of −185m depth was explored in the Eastern Altai mountains. The photoes are available. One can also find the schemes of the cave in the corresponding section.

  Kat-Shu '2006

Photoes of diggers trip Elkhorn '2006 to the Elkhorn Mountain Cave (USA, WVa) are uploaded to the album.

  Elkhorn '2006

Since last update of the site english version several trips occured: Techno '2005, T.A.G.'2005, Waterproof '2005, Kokuya '2005, X-trip '2005, Altayskaya '2006. The photoes are available, see album.

  Kokuya '2005